Raisin Bran/Eclipse
Still Life With Glove, Coffee, Paper Bag
Still Life With Two Coffees, Napkin
Still Life At Sarah’s, The End Of The L Word
Still Life of Still Life at Sarah’s, Two Pages of Trastevere
Sheep in Zuiderwoude
RIP Pizza Pazza
Melancholia Humour, Black Gall
Let’s Go Out For Dinner (Ci Lin)
Cypress Landscape (It’s All About Pace, Baby!)
Il Mastello
Landscape in Zuiderwoude (Bike Strike)
3/4 Of A Maxis Pizza (Before/After Sammie Took A Piece And Didn’t Eat It)
Still Life With Moka Pot, Salt, Coffee
Some Pennies, Two Bart Tic Tacs, A Note With TV On Cabinet